1. [ adjective ] displeasing to the senses and morally revolting

"an ugly face" "ugly furniture" "war is ugly"

Related terms: beautiful grotesque hideous disfigured unlovely unsightly ill-favored ill-favored scrofulous awkward unattractive displeasing beauty
2. [ adjective ] deficient in beauty

"ugly gray slums"

Related terms: inaesthetic
3. [ adjective ] morally reprehensible
Synonyms: vile unworthy despicable

"would do something as despicable as murder" "ugly crimes" "the vile development of slavery appalled them"

Related terms: evil
4. [ adjective ] threatening or foreshadowing evil or tragic developments
Synonyms: ominous sinister threatening menacing minacious minatory forbidding baleful

"a baleful look" "forbidding thunderclouds" "his tone became menacing" "ominous rumblings of discontent" "sinister storm clouds" "a sinister smile" "his threatening behavior"

Related terms: alarming
5. [ adjective ] inclined to anger or bad feelings with overtones of menace
Synonyms: surly

"a surly waiter" "an ugly frame of mind"

Related terms: ill-natured
6. [ adjective ] provoking horror
Synonyms: frightful horrible horrifying atrocious

"an atrocious automobile accident" "a frightful crime of decapitation" "an alarming, even horrifying, picture" "war is beyond all words horrible"- Winston Churchill "an ugly wound"

Related terms: alarming
Similar spelling:   ugli