1. [ noun ] any piece of work that is undertaken or attempted
Synonyms: project undertaking labor

"he prepared for great undertakings"

Related terms: work adventure enterprise venture cinch baby marathon tall_order no-brainer assignment proposition breeze labor_of_love manhattan_project plan undertake labor
2. [ noun ] a specific piece of work required to be done as a duty or for a specific fee
Synonyms: job chore

: "the job of repairing the engine took several hours" "the endless task of classifying the samples" "the farmer's morning chores"

Related terms: duty disagreeable_task school_assignment ball-breaker stint
3. [ verb ] assign a task to

"I tasked him with looking after the children"

Related terms: delegate job
4. [ verb ] use to the limit
Synonyms: tax

"you are taxing my patience"

Related terms: strain
Similar spelling:   Taos