1. [ verb ] leave
Synonyms: start set_out depart set_off start_out set_forth part

"The family took off for Florida"

Related terms: leave roar_off blaze sally_forth spare loss departure takeoff departer
2. [ verb ] take away or remove, "Take that weight off me!"
Related terms: remove undress dehorn declaw
3. [ verb ] remove
Synonyms: doff

"He doffed his hat"

Related terms: undress
4. [ verb ] take off from the ground, as of an aircraft or balloon
Synonyms: lift_off

"The plane departed two hours late"

Related terms: depart liftoff
5. [ verb ] take time off from work; stop working temporarily
Synonyms: take_time_off
Related terms: interrupt
6. [ verb ] mimic or imitate, esp. in an amusing or satirical manner

"This song takes off from a famous aria"

Related terms: imitate imitate parody
7. [ verb ] remove clothes

"take off your shirt--it's very hot in here"

Related terms: undress doff peel_off uncloak slip_off
8. [ verb ] prove fatal

"The disease took off"

Related terms: kill
9. [ verb ] get started or set in motion, used figuratively
Synonyms: get_off_the_ground

"the project took a long time to get off the ground"

Related terms: start
10. [ verb ] (mathematics) make a subtraction
Synonyms: deduct subtract
Related terms: add calculate arithmetic subtraction
Similar spelling:   takeoff