1. [ verb ] move back and forth in an unstable manner
Synonyms: shake rock

"the ship was rocking" "the tall building swayed" "the tree shook in the wind"

Related terms: move_back_and_forth totter swag roll nutate rock wag rocking_chair rock
2. [ verb ] move or walk in a swinging or swaying manner
Synonyms: swing

"He swung back"

Related terms: move_back_and_forth oscillate waver brachiate lash rock
3. [ verb ] win approval or support for
Synonyms: persuade carry

"Carry all before one" "His speech did not sway the voters"

Related terms: influence carry
4. [ verb ] move sideways or in an unsteady way, as of a ship or a vehicle out of control
Synonyms: wobble shift tilt careen
Related terms: move totter rock wobbler
5. [ noun ] controlling influence
Related terms: power carry
6. [ verb ] cause to move back and forth
Synonyms: rock

"rock the cradle" "rock the baby" "the wind swayed the trees gently"

Related terms: move rock rocker rock
7. [ verb ] sway gently back and forth, as is in a nodding motion
Synonyms: nod

"the flowers were nodding in the breeze"

Related terms: move
8. [ noun ] (nautical) pitching dangerously to one side
Synonyms: careen tilt rock
Related terms: lurch swing rock careen rock
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