1. [ adjective ] lacking ease in bending; not limber

"a stiff neck" "stiff joints" "stiff hairs"

Related terms: inflexible
2. [ adjective ] not moving or operating freely

"a stiff hinge"

Related terms: immobile
3. [ noun ] an ordinary man

"a lucky stiff" "a working stiff"

Related terms: man
4. [ adjective ] rigidly formal
Synonyms: buckram starchy

"a starchy manner" "the letter was stiff and formal" "his prose has a buckram quality"

Related terms: formal
5. [ adjective ] powerful

"a stiff current" "a stiff breeze" "a stiff drink"

Related terms: strong
6. [ adjective ] hard to overcome or surmount
Synonyms: uphill

"a stiff hike" "a stiff exam" "an uphill battle against a popular incumbent"

Related terms: hard
7. [ adjective ] of a collar; standing up rather than folded down
Synonyms: stand-up

"an uncomfortable standup collar" "a stiff collar"

Related terms: inflexible
8. [ adjective ] incapable of or resistant to bending
Synonyms: rigid

"a rigid strip of metal" "a table made of rigid plastic" "a palace guardsman stiff as a poker"

Related terms: inflexible
9. [ adverb ] extremely

"bored stiff" "frightened stiff"

10. [ adverb ] in a stiff manner
Synonyms: stiffly

"his hands lay stiffly"

11. [ noun ] Last name, frequency rank in the U.S. is 11622
12. [ adjective ] very drunk
Synonyms: crocked tipsy cockeyed pixilated blind_drunk potty pie-eyed pissed tiddley plastered slopped fuddled sloshed smashed soaked soused sozzled squiffy loaded tiddly tight blotto wet besotted
Related terms: cant intoxicated
13. [ adjective ] slang for `drunk'
Synonyms: crocked tipsy blind_drunk blotto besotted potty loaded pissed pixilated plastered sloshed slopped smashed fuddled soaked soused sozzled squiffy tiddly tiddley tight blind wet
Related terms: intoxicated
14. [ noun ] the dead body of a human being
Synonyms: corpse cadaver remains clay
Related terms: body cremains
Similar spelling:   stuff