1. [ noun ] the state prevailing during the absence of war
Related terms: war order collective_security Pax_Romana conciliation armistice amity pacify
2. [ noun ] the absence of mental stress or anxiety
Synonyms: serenity peace_of_mind heartsease repose ataraxis peacefulness
Related terms: tranquillity pacify
3. [ noun ] harmonious relations; freedom from disputes

"the roommates lived in peace together"

Related terms: harmony pacify
4. [ noun ] the general security of public places
Synonyms: public_security

"he was arrested for disturbing the peace"

Related terms: security pacify
5. [ noun ] Last name, frequency rank in the U.S. is 3821
6. [ noun ] (law,writing) a treaty to cease hostilities
Synonyms: pacification peace_treaty

"peace came on November 11th"

Related terms: treaty peace_of_westphalia treaty_of_versailles pacify
Similar spelling:   Pesce