1. [ verb ] heighten or intensify
Synonyms: animate enliven exalt invigorate

"These paintings exalt the imagination"

Related terms: stimulate encourage ecstasy
2. [ verb ] serve as the inciting cause of
Synonyms: prompt instigate

"She prompted me to call my relatives"

Related terms: induce suggestion abetment
3. [ verb ] supply the inspiration for

"The article about the artist inspired the exhibition of his recent work"

Related terms: occasion inspiration
4. [ verb ] urge on or encourage esp. by shouts
Synonyms: urge pep_up urge_on exhort barrack cheer

"The crowd cheered the demonstrating strikers"

Related terms: encourage cheerlead cheering exhortation cheerer
5. [ verb ] draw in (air)
Synonyms: breathe_in inhale

"Inhale deeply" "inhale the fresh mountain air" "The patient has trouble inspiring" "The lung cancer patient cannot inspire air very well"

Related terms: exhale breathe puff huff sniff aspirate snuffle snort snuff inhalation respirator
6. [ verb ] (education) fill with revolutionary ideas
Synonyms: infect revolutionise revolutionize
Related terms: indoctrinate galvaniser
Similar spelling:   inspirer