1. [ noun ] (clothing) an article of clothing

"garments of the finest silk"

Related terms: clothing shirt dress suit trousers trouser robe skirt swimsuit vest head_covering scarf weeds sweat_suit negligee sweater laundry diaper hand-me-down breechcloth undergarment raglan romper hose burka sackcloth jump_suit ironing separate kanzu overgarment leotard peplos silks top reversible romper_suit motley sunsuit scapular fur sealskin wet_suit neckwear gown camlet mending wraparound haick legging stomacher straitjacket swaddling_clothes pocket sleeve skirt band yoke fly bosom hipline dart buttonhole eyelet armhole neck liner jag dag gusset dress
2. [ verb ] (clothing) provide with clothes or put clothes on
Synonyms: dress clothe fit_out raiment garb habilitate tog apparel enclothe

"Parents must feed and dress their child"

Related terms: undress change_state shirt coat costume vest frock cover prim corset shoe overdress uniform gown habit vesture jacket dress apparel clothing attire dressing
Similar spelling:   garmented