1. [ noun ] a person who uses scientific knowledge to solve practical problems
Synonyms: technologist applied_scientist
Related terms: person surveyor electrical_engineer marine_engineer automotive_engineer army_engineer daimler mechanical_engineer metallurgist mining_engineer programmer karl_wilhelm_siemens civil_engineer richard_trevithick rocket_engineer diesel bryan_donkin alexandre_gustave_eiffel buckminster_fuller george_washington_goethals hugo_junkers charles_franklin_kettering john_augustus_roebling claude_e._shannon Leonardo elmer_ambrose_sperry aerospace_engineer thomas_augustus_watson james_watt aeronautical_engineer
2. [ verb ] design as an engineer

"He engineered the water supply project"

Related terms: design
3. [ verb ] plan and direct (a complex undertaking)
Synonyms: organize mastermind orchestrate organise direct

"he masterminded the robbery"

Related terms: plan choreograph administration organization organizer orchestration originator
4. [ noun ] the operator of a railway locomotive
Synonyms: engine_driver locomotive_engineer railroad_engineer
Related terms: operator casey_jones
Similar spelling:   enginery