1. [ noun ] (sports) someone in charge of training an athlete or a team
Synonyms: manager handler
Related terms: trainer baseball_coach conditioner football_coach hockey_coach tennis_coach basketball_coach john_joseph_mcgraw sport
2. [ verb ] (sport,education) teach and supervise (someone); act as a trainer or coach (to), as in sports
Synonyms: train

"He is training our Olympic team" "She is coaching the crew"

Related terms: teach train coaching
3. [ verb ] (work,transportation) drive a coach
Related terms: drive driving
4. [ noun ] (work,education) a person who gives private instruction (as in singing or acting)
Synonyms: tutor private_instructor
Related terms: teacher crammer singing
5. [ noun ] (transportation) a carriage pulled by four horses with one driver
Synonyms: coach-and-four four-in-hand
Related terms: carriage stagecoach box
6. [ noun ] (transportation) a railcar where passengers ride
Synonyms: carriage passenger_car
Related terms: car nonsmoker sleeping_car parlor_car dining_car Pullman smoker passenger_train car_seat
7. [ noun ] Last name, frequency rank in the U.S. is 19755
8. [ noun ] (transportation) a vehicle carrying many passengers; used for public transport
Synonyms: bus double-decker omnibus jitney motorbus motorcoach charabanc autobus

"he always rode the bus to work"

Related terms: public_transport trolleybus school_bus express fleet window roof passenger bus
Similar spelling:   Coache