1. [ noun ] (Middle Ages) flexible armor made of interlinked metal rings
Synonyms: chain_armour mail ring_armor ring_armour ring_mail chain_armor
Related terms: brigandine hauberk gusset habergeon middle_ages
2. [ noun ] (medieval) flexible armor; made of interlinked metal rings
Synonyms: coat_of_mail mail chain_armor chain_armour ring_armor ring_armour body_armor body_armour cataphract suit_of_armor suit_of_armour ring_mail
Related terms: armor body_armor cuirass bulletproof_vest chain_armor corselet brigandine gusset habergeon hauberk fauld gorget cannon helmet tuille gauntlet casque greave brassard cubitiere pallette knee_piece breastplate nosepiece skirt_of_tasses rerebrace roundel solleret tasset epauliere cuisse vambrace basinet gusset armet
Similar spelling:   Chenail