1. [ noun ] message that is transmitted by radio or television
Related terms: message radio_broadcast simulcast telecast air
2. [ verb ] (television) broadcast over the airwaves, as in radio or television
Synonyms: send transmit beam air

"We cannot air this X-rated song"

Related terms: publicize televize rerun satellite sportscast interrogate broadcast_media radio_beam air broadcaster transmitter air
3. [ adjective ] (television) made widely known especially by radio or television
Synonyms: aired

"the broadcast news" "everyone heard the broadcast rumors"

Related terms: publicized
4. [ verb ] (botany) sow over a wide area, esp. by hand

"broadcast seeds"

Related terms: sow farming
5. [ adjective ] sown by casting over a wide area especially by hand

"the broadcast sowing of wheat"

Related terms: distributed
6. [ adverb ] so as to scatter or be distributed widely or in all directions
7. [ verb ] cause to become widely known
Synonyms: disseminate spread circulate distribute diffuse pass_around disperse propagate circularise circularize

"spread information" "circulate a rumor" "broadcast the news"

Related terms: publicize canvass carry sow bandy_about popularize go_around dissemination propagation dispersion dissemination circular scatter circulation spread propagator go_around
8. [ noun ] (television,performing arts) a radio or television show
Synonyms: program programme

"did you see his program last night?"

Related terms: show news_program serial television_program episode rerun sitcom game_show sustaining_program talk_show air
Similar spelling:   broadcaster